About the PLG

Going back to 1947 its many customers remember it fondly as “Jeanne’s Place”. It’s a funky little snack shack pressed right up to the water on the west shore of Nassau Lake.  Operated by three generations of the Morris family, it’s now known as the “Pirates Lakeside Grill” (the PLG) operated by Michael and Susan Rosenberg.

Michael has road-tripped in 45 states looking for great family-owned diners, barbeque joints and drive-ins at which to enjoy the food and the history of the place.

“While the quality of diners and barbeque joints has improved over the years, generally the quality of the food at drive-ins has gone down,” says Michael. “To compete with the big fast food chains, some places put on a face of old-time nostalgia, but the food is junky. It should be all about the food.”

When Susie and Michael found Jeanne’s, they knew right away that is was the absolutely perfect setting for their vision of wholesome food in a great setting. They were determined that while raising the quality choices at the “PLG”, they would create a menu that was affordable to the average customer.

The PLG offers 9 different hot dogs and wursts, including 5 from Usingers of Milwaukee (since 1880), 2 from Zweigles of Rochester (also 1880), and fresh-made Italian sausages (sweet or hot) from Andy & Sons of Delaware Avenue.  For burgers, they start with a “gold label” 1/3 pound pure Angus beef burger for $5.49, but also offer a 1/3 pound local, organic, grass-fed beef or a 6 oz. bison burger. A terrific and tastey gardenburger is also available for those who do not want meat. Their fries are as good as any in the business as is their premium cod fish fry. They use the best and richest ice cream mix available and make awesome homemade milkshakes in six flavors. Susie’s knock-out homemade chili is proudly offered.

“Everything we serve is special in some way,” says Michael. “We want the PLG to appeal to “Road Food” fans as well as the local community. It should be ‘worth a trip from anywhere’, and if we’ve got it right, the local community should find it that much more special to have us near at hand.”

The Pirates Lakeside Grill  is located at 266 County Route 7, Nassau, NY 12123. The PLG is open Wednesday through Sunday from Noon to 8PM (closed Monday and Tuesday).  Check out the rest of the site for our complete menu and directions!