The Easy Riders.

Thanks to Frank for stopping Sunday on his Harley.   He came onto the gravel with all the vroom vroom that one would expect from an American Motorcycle and settled to a halt in his own little cloud of dust.  Before he began to unfold himself from the bike he reached into his jacket and pulled out a dog.   Yes, a dog.  A plump little 12 year old Jack Russell named Lulu.  America’s smallest biker babe.

Frank said she was losing her sight but would not let him leave on a bike ride without begging to be included.   Frank is a gruff and rough sort but he had such a huge soft spot in his heart for this little dog that it took your breath away.   His age is indeterminate but he did spend the entire time while his burger was cooking methodically stretching his bones and muscles from his ride.  He and Lulu went off to enjoy his lunch together but when he was through he put a tiny pair of pink motorcycle goggles on Lulu and stood her on the gas tank with a short matching pink harness looped over his neck.  Then Frank put on his own set of goggles and fired up the Harley.  With both cylinders roaring and the doggie leaning feroceously into the wind like a hood ornament from a 1935 Packard, this pair of road warriors,  man and his best friend, continued on their journey together, refreshed from their brief stop at the PLG.

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