Starting Our Third Voyage

What a special start to our 2012 season!  It started out windy and cold but our hardiest regulars from last year simply could not wait another day for our grub.  Our first customers were Wesley and Pat, who live nearby.  They came back with more of their family on Sunday so they must have enjoyed themselves.  Friday was still pretty chilly when we opened but my swim class from the Delmar YMCA would not let that stop them from coming to see the joint that they’ve been hearing so much from me as I bob up and down in the pool at the Y.  If they tell two friends and those friends tell two friends we’ll surely be seeing more of my Delmar neighbors at the PLG this year.

Saturday brought perfect weather which continued for the balance of the weekend.  Also on Saturday a nine year old girl arrived with 5 of her friends to celebrate her birthday.  I can’t express how pround I felt that a little girl would pick the PLG as the place at which she would most like to celebrate her special day with her friends.  Her only special request (bless her heart) was that we put a pink toothpick in her Angus Burger….”because I know you have them”.

Also on Saturday was a pod of cyclists on the final leg of their bicycle tour of the area with the Mohawk Valley Cycling Club.  They loaded up on ice cream, relaxed a while gazing out on the lake, and then headed out for their final climb before a downhill run of under 4 miles to their cars at the CDTA.

Sunday belonged to the mothers.  Perfect weather and the most wonderful mothers in the world.  They eschewed the lure of tablecloths to dine instead in the balmy sunshine at the PLG.  And they were all in great spirits, especially the mother and daughter who arrived on horseback tying up at our hitching post (constructed for that purpose).

It was a magical weekend.  Young, old, tall, short, fat, lean, boy, girl, rich, poor all came out making themselves as agreeable and easy to deal with as it is possible to be.  And our staff too, Angela, Felicia and Jake also knocked themselves out making the experience for our customers as good as we could make it.  I’m so grateful to you all! Capt’n Mike

(Note that in no way does Capt’n Mike purport to be a licensed captain for the operation of a seagoing vessel in New York State or in any other jurisdiction. Instead he is what is commonly referred to as a “Pretend Captain” and anything expressed, or implied, by him regarding matters of navigation or safety at sea, should be taken with a large grain of sea salt.)

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